27 October 2010

Prevented From Editing:

This message has been moved to Our blog of the "Nazi Anti-Defamation League".


29 June 2010

Using An Unsecure Computer:

We have for this blog been using various unsecure public-access computers and an unsecure blog-site.

While continuing to update some of message on this blog then We have decided to continue posting of new messages elsewhere.

Our other blog ["Nazi Anti-Defamation League"] may be found at:

' http://www.tinyurl.com/blog-of-nadl/ '


' http://nazi-anti-defamation-league.blogspot.com/ '.

Some type of secure computer facility might eventually become available to Us [perhaps using Our secure ".god" top-level domain].


24 June 2010

What Is Not Kosher Is Not Food:

Jesus of Nazareth told people to follow a few simple rule such as the Ten Commandments and the law regarding diet. Following of those simple rule would have prevented their becoming captured by Jew and eventually by the "New World Order". Drugging of people was among the method used to induce medical symptoms or criminal behavior which resulted in capture.

Neither Jesus nor his associates could tell people directly through their testament that the Jew would put drugs into things that were not kosher; that could not be published. Instead then Jesus and his associates told people to eat a variety of FOOD and that a variety of FOOD was good to eat[1]. Jesus was telling people to eat just what is FOOD.

As Jesus knew then what is not kosher IS NOT FOOD. Jesus NEVER said that people should eat what is not kosher. To have asserted that people should eat what is not kosher would have been completely crazy.

The Jew could put the drug L-S-D into bacon and yet claim to have not drugged FOOD because bacon is not kosher and therefore bacon is not food. The Pig and puppet acting on behalf of organized crime have told people how their "Food and Drug Administration" [F-D-A] would protect them. The sheep trusted the F-D-A instead of following the law.

[1]That often misquoted and misinterpreted section states that all FOOD is good to eat.


23 June 2010

Mantra of Organized Crime:

Various entity of organized crime (including many denomination of religion) have adopted the "Mantra of Organized Crime" regarding Our blog.

That mantra is some version of:

"What business is it of yours; Leave it alone; What are you going to do about it".

Everything is Our business. We are Christ.


23 May 2010

Two More Of Photograph:

Photograph showing the real John Fitzgerald Kennedy missing part of the fingers on his left-hand.

Photograph showing the bewigged Kenneth Sr in the motorcade in Dallas. Kenneth Sr might have been 70 to 80 years of age at that time.


21 May 2010

Assassination of "J-F-K":

[Both of photograph: The real John Fitzgerald Kennedy in Dallas TX on 22 November 1963 C-E.]

There were three of person who were at times known as "John Fitzgerald Kennedy". One of those people was born at Beals Street in Brookline MA and that person was the real John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

The other two of person were of similar appearance to each other and might have been "Kenneth Jr" and "Kenneth Sr" [the name "Ken" was used in a holiday greeting message referring to the younger of the two].

Part of several fingers of the left-hand of the real John Fitzgerald Kennedy had been amputated. A certain entity[1] of organized crime often amputated part of several fingers of people who rejected their "offer" of membership so that those people would be found by that entity to be unacceptable as being unable to lift a brick. The real John Fitzgerald Kennedy rejected their "offer" and became a victim of that entity of organized crime.

Having rejected organized crime then the real John Fitzgerald Kennedy appears to have been abandoned by the Kennedy family and was replaced by Kenneth Jr. Kenneth Sr might have also fathered the member of the Kennedy family known as Jean Ann Kennedy Smith.

Kenneth Jr was the person in the photograph of "John Fitzgerald Kennedy" contained in the yearbook from Harvard University.

The Senator known as "John Fitzgerald Kennedy" was apparently Kenneth Jr but Kenneth Sr appeared as the "Senator Kennedy" during the campaign for President. Kenneth Sr was the person who delivered the Inaugural Address in January of 1961 [C-E]. One of the Kenneth in a photograph at the White House balcony appears to have had a ring-finger amputated but from his right-hand.

The photographic evidence shows that Kenneth Sr was the person killed in Dallas[2]. The real John Fitzgerald Kennedy was never President of the United States[3] and was not killed in Dallas.

Kenneth Jr made an appearance at the "1964-65 World's Fair" in New York where We stood near him at the "US Royal Tires" Ferris wheel. Kenneth Jr seemed petrified that We recognized him and We said that it seemed odd that he would be attempting to hide in New York[4]. Another person who We recognized as being "Ted" Sorensen was also present and standing near Kenneth Jr.

[1]Referred to by some people as "Masons".
[2]The "Zapruder Film" at frame 257 shows the profile of the older Kenneth.
[3]Whether the President was Kenneth Sr or Kenneth Jr is a separate issue. Kenneth Jr might have been the President at that time but the relevant issue is the story regarding the real John Fitzgerald Kennedy.
[4]We said at the time: "That's Kennedy. That is Kennedy. They said they killed him in Dallas and they sent him to New York to hide. Like nobody would notice Kennedy in New York?".


10 May 2010

Suicide-Bomber Having Missiles:

Germany is being kept as hostage by the "State of Israel". When there exists certain circumstances regarding which the "State of Israel" has no control then the missiles carried by submarines which were sold by Germany to the "State of Israel" can be aimed JUST at Germany.

People who have been controlling of the "State of Israel" and controlling of those submarines then intend to launch those missiles and kill themselves. Those people are the real suicide-bomber.

Might be tough luck for Germany. Germany should not have sold those submarines.


Buying The Restaurant:

Imagine people being so stupid that they planned to order whatever was available at some restaurant for fifty of year but instead of ever paying for each item then they used a type of charge-account for use of the restaurant.

At the end of fifty of year then they planned to buy the restaurant and claim that they would not need to pay what is owed because they would "own" the restaurant.

They cannot afford to buy the restaurant. They have not the key that they need to buy the restaurant. We own the restaurant forever.


08 May 2010

Update Regarding Space-Program:

[Photograph from N-A-S-A of the real Neil Armstrong.]

Astronauts Neil Armstrong[1] and Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin disappeared immediately after the flight of Apollo 11[2] and were replaced by imposters. The "quarantine" facility was merely a cover for the switch. Any reasonable examination of the facts indicated that quarantine would be completely unnecessary and absurd.

Neil Armstrong and Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin are now deceased. Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin died around 26 of year ago and Neil Armstrong died around 10 of year ago.

The Senator "John Glenn" was NEVER in orbit until he "rode the bus" [as the Space Shuttle is called] into orbit.

The person often playing the role of "Chuck Yeager" is also an imposter[3] and is not the same person who flew the Bell X-1.

[1]Neil Armstrong was fourth-cousin to Us. While wrongly considered to be "yellow" [see "Color-Code" in this blog] and thus accepted for his various jobs then Neil Armstrong was actually "indigo" as was the real Charles A Lindbergh.
[2]The first two of men on the Moon were Hebrew [Armstrong] and Jew [Aldrin]. Armstrong as Pilot was the first to make a landing on the Moon.
[3]That imposter was certainly told "Boy: Do NOT put your fingerprints on that X-1".


05 May 2010

No Forwarding Address:

We have heard that We might be able to leave this pile of dump called "America" in around one of week[1]. There will be no forwarding address.

[1]Update after two of month: Delayed as yet a prisoner of the criminal "New World Order" but on schedule for traveling.


04 May 2010

Notice Of Sentence:

We have never received any notice regarding the various illegal sentence imposed on Us. Some of these sentence appears to have been imposed by a secret court possibly located in the "State of Israel".

The sentence for thirty of year and-then extended is addressed elsewhere in this blog.

There also appears to have been a claim against Us for forty-one of year based on one-third of 120 of year plus one. That forty-one of year seems to have been counted beginning at what would have been the thirteenth birthday of the deceased person whose name We have been using since when We were two-year of age.

In the meantime: We have proven FOREVER that the brain of non-Hebrew type of people cannot be trusted with having control of any part of Our UNIVERSAL system.


Who Is Cro-Magnon Man:

The classification of species of "Cro-Magnon Man" may be interpreted as "Cro[w] Mag Non-Man".

"Cro[w] Mag" refers to some large and stupid[1] bird[2] such as the Cardinal of the Catholic Church;

"Non-Man" refers to sub-human.

Jew is Cro-Magnon Man.

Question - - Art thou Cro-Magnon Man.

[1]Stupid means criminally lacking of common sense.
[2]Bird refers to a wide-eyed species.


How Ends The Presidency of Barack Obama:

There are a few possibilities being considered for ending of the Presidency of Barack Obama as the puppet of Congress appeareth unwilling to impeach. Included among those possibilities are - -

(1) Barack Hussein Obama II confesses on television to being a "9-11 Terrorist" and-then immediately blasts his brains out [publicly convincing];

(2) Air Force One crashes [numerous casualties];

(3) Regardless of veracity then there would be some "newly discovered" information regarding the issue of location of birth [comical by now but quite convenient];

(4) The method which involves putting of mushroom-cloud over Washington D-C.


22 April 2010


Our plan includes relocating Ourself from the Boston area to a somewhat Amish area with no television and no internet and no telephone. For further information then read the section of this blog labeled "Just Two Of Word".


21 April 2010

Here Is Our Picture Of Us:

This self-portrait was recorded in August of the common-era year of 2007:


Their New World Order:

This society has been managed by soul-less puppet who are part of the criminal "New World Order". The "New World Order" is organized crime.

The criminal "New World Order" consists of Jew and Pig and Garbage. The Jew protects the Pig and the Garbage; the Pig protects the Jew and the Garbage; the Garbage protects the Jew and the Pig.

This schematic of organized crime can also be written as follows: The Jew and the Pig protects the Garbage; the Pig and the Garbage protects the Jew; the Jew and the Garbage protects the Pig.

The "New World Order" has been an expansion of what historically had been the organized crime of Jew and their soul-less Pig to what now fully includes the Garbage.

The section of this blog labeled "Color-Code" includes reference to each of these group. Yellow and Blue are type of Negro[1]. Some of Negro have skin that is pale and are often referred to as "white" but each has the deficient brain of Negro. There is some variation of intelligence and color of skin and other genetic features among Negro but the brain of Negro is deficient.

[1]When associated with the "New World Order" then those Negro are Garbage.


More Of What We Have Asked:



Question - - Art thou soul-less Pig.

Question - - Art thou Negro.


20 April 2010

Just Two Of Word:

People have often claimed that We would be so stupid that We knew just two of word: "Fuck" and "You". That was because of Our complete refusal to cooperate with ANY entity of organized crime.

Those people might have been joking but here is the really funny part.

We now have more than one of key. Each of Our key is irrevocable. Therefore: The only two of word that We EVER need to know are "Fuck" and "You".


Origin Of The Species Of Jew:

Jew is not Jew-ISH. Jew-ISH is not Jew.

Jew is a species. The species of Jew descended from Cro-Magnon Man. Some of Jew are a hybrid of Cro-Magnon Man and Mongoloid. The species of Jew is NOT the species of Negro.

Jew-ISH is part of the species of Negro. The "ish" refers to being not the same. Jew-ISH is not the same as Jew. Blue-ish is not blue and red-ish is not red.

Jewish is a group of Negro.

Those people are calling themselves "Jewish" because they do not enjoy being called “Negro” or “Negger”. Negger is a contraction of Negro-egger [N-egger] and refers to the set-back eyes of Negro. The Jewish group of Negro have the set-back eyes of Negro and the deficient brain of Negro. There is no Jewish species. There is no "Jewish People". Jewish is just a group of Negro who have been falsely claiming some type of distinction as compared to other Negro.

Giving weapons to Negro [including those who call themselves "Jewish"] has resulted in many of the problems around the world. Jew with weapons are a separate problem. Unless you recognize the real problems then you would be unable to recognize the solution.

Religious affiliation is a COMPLETELY separate issue. There has been a religion called Judaism and who practices Judaism are Judaists.


Why Have People Been Eating Of Ham for Christmas and Easter:

People have been eating of ham for Christmas and Easter because the criminal who have been managing of this society have wanted to ensure that their sheep were as stupid and clueless as possible. Jesus of Nazareth NEVER had eaten of swine and NEVER altered the dietary law which remains against eating of swine.

Did this society prefer to follow Jesus of Nazareth or to follow the criminals managing their society who have been filling their heads with propaganda? The sheep of this society chose to follow the criminals and thus regularly demonstrate their stupidity by eating of swine to "celebrate" Jesus of Nazareth.

Eating of swine is ridiculing of Jesus. The sheep have been thoroughly brainwashed by the criminal managing this society.

Jesus of Nazareth provided guidance that people chose to ignore.

Following of Jesus would have saved souls WHEN THOSE PEOPLE FOLLOWED THE RULE OF LAW but instead then the rule of law was ignored and their souls were bought by the "New World Order" when those people were easily captured by the "New World Order". This society has been managed by soul-less[1] puppet of the "New World Order".

[1]Evil means soul not. Those soul-less puppet have no "vil" [will] and therefore are "e-vil". Lucifer is who de-vils. Lucifer means who buys of soul.


The Pulitzer Prize:

We are pleased to include this note that We have won The Pulitzer Prize for Explanatory Reporting. While yet censored then the specific item leading to Our winning of this Pulitzer Prize is likely the report labeled "An Inside-Job".


17 January 2010

Along The Way:

Some secretive type of organization believe that George W Bush would be their "King". Those entity even made that dope into the President based upon their belief that "W" would be their King.

The identification of George W Bush was based in part on his appearance at the 1988 Republican National Convention when those criminal were told that the King was sitting in the family viewing section of the Superdome. Since that time then George W Bush was given millions of dollars in the baseball business as well as made Governor of Texas and President.

Of course then there is more to this story.

At that same time when George W Bush was watching the Convention then We were also watching the Convention from Our seat IN THE FAMILY VIEWING SECTION of the Superdome.


17 December 2009

Important Warning For Safety:

We have reason to believe that people who were intending to effect Our demise then programmed the directed-energy weapon to at some time destroy ANY aircraft on which Our blog would be located (even in electronic format). The location of copy of Our blog can be tracked.

Those people might have figured that We would be carrying a copy of Our blog while traveling but due to Our protection then they could not refer specifically to Us as the target and instead selected ANY such aircraft having Our blog onboard as the target.

Our Hebraic lifestyle is somewhat similar to Amish and We no longer use aircraft for recreation or transportation. Obviously then We will be not flying.




This warning includes ANY COPY OF OUR BLOG even in electronic format.


14 December 2009

Hamid Karzai The JEW:

The real[1] Hamid Karzai is not a Negro. Therefore: by measuring the distance between his eye then the determination is simple[2] that Hamid Karzai of Afghanistan is a JEW.

Hamid Karzai is not a Judaist.
Hamid Karzai is not a Muslim.
Hamid Karzai is pretending to be an Islamist (while actually being an enemy of Islam).
Hamid Karzai is a JEW.

[1]The use of imposters for public appearance is a tool of organized crime.
[2]The exception to simple measurement is discussed in the section of the blog labeled "Project Lincoln".


Statum Unitent Of America:

Here is an example of the odd appearance of some reality:

There are some people who actually refer to the territory of the United States as "Statum Unitent of America" citing as grammatical authority that "united" is past-tense and "states" is a verb.

Those people do not recognize the authority of public officials of the United States nor any oaths taken to uphold the statute of the United States. They consider public officials to be little more than theatrical performer providing entertainment for their sheep.

Their entity of organized crime is their only government. Their oath would refer to the "Statum Unitent of America".

The government of the United States has become just a disposable collection of the fool and stooge providing cover for organized crime.

The United States is a country where the sheep are too scared to ask: Question - - Who did you kill to get that job?


02 December 2009

"N-O" Is Not "No":

One routine used for deception is the "N-O" routine. The "N-O" routine has been used famously as a deceptive non-response to the inquiry regarding adultery as well as other issue.

"N-O" is not "No". "N-O" is not a denial nor a negative response. "N-O" are just the 2 of letter between "M" and "P" in the alphabet. "N-O" is non-responsive unless the inquiry was regarding the letter between "M" and "P" in the alphabet.

Along with the "N-O" routine is often the false claim to have given answer when the answer was not given.


28 November 2009

Suicide By Cigarette:

Suicide by cigarette is not a joke. There have been many well-known people who have committed suicide by cigarette as was their intention after having been captured by Jew or the "New World Order". While the public often believes otherways[1] then treatment for cancer has been secretly rejected to facilitate the suicide by cigarette[2].

The Jew and "New World Order" discouraged their Pig and puppet from committing suicide by requiring that their Pig and puppet buy a bullet for killing of themselves. That bullet was not available at the Wal-Mart price. The usual alternative for Pig and puppet was killing of themselves the hard way.

Killing of Pig and puppet via remote-control was done long before information regarding radio was made available to the public. Killing via remote-control was part of the foundation for organized crime. Advances in technology have resulted in killing by the hard way[3] via remote-control of people captured by Jew and the "New World Order".

People thus captured by Jew or the "New World Order" would often search for some other alternative way of committing suicide. Those other alternative way for committing suicide included participating in dangerous physical activity which might lead to death and smoking. The phrase "suicide by cigarette" refers directly to that intentional practice.

[1]The correct term instead of "otherwise".

[2]As indicated by the case of the anchorperson on television-news known as Peter Jennings.

[3]Dispensing of previously implanted poison via radio-signal has been replaced by dispensing of horrible pain.


25 November 2009


The place referred to as "Latin-America" has that name due to the large number of "orange" Jew in that area. "Latin" is a reference to "orange" Jew as "Roman" is a reference to "red" Jew.


22 November 2009

Our Time In Boston:

After being deported from Canada then We resided for 3 of year and 10 of month at the shelter for homeless people in Boston[1].

Residing at the shelter became problematic and We relocated to the street where We resided for 2 of year and 7 of month and around 11 of day[2]. While residing on the street then We had many uninvited visitor who are associate of organized crime including the former Governor of Massachusetts known as Michael Dukakis.

This blog is partly based on Our earlier note written while in Canada and was started while We were residing on the street. Most people in the neighborhood were not friendly toward Us.

From the street then We relocated to a poor-house in the Boston area where some of the other resident are slightly less psychotic than resident at the shelter.

[1]There was also a few of day in Buffalo New York while traveling between Niagara New York and Boston Massachusetts.

[2]The primary issue for sleeping on the street is wet-night or dry-night. Although briefly using for protection from weather a bus-stop shelter and the marquee of Symphony Hall then most of Our nightly campsite were on a park-bench or the sidewalk of Westland Avenue.


21 November 2009

Grammatical Note:

There are some grammatical unconsistencies in Our blog which We will handle at some later date as We continue writing and editing. For example: some part of Our blog might include syntax such as "2 years" and other part "2 of year". The use of technology causing suppression of memory (regarding which We have written on this blog) causes that unconsistency of grammar.

We have also been revising English grammar while writing and will eventually update some older of section to include that correct grammar.

We have received some suggestion for Our blog but have been writing the blog by Ourself. Suppression of grammar causes the false appearance of multiple authorship.


04 November 2009

An Inside-Job:

Saddam Hussein had some type of "key" and could not be killed directly by those people who wanted for him to be killed. For his enemies outside of Iraq then the killing of Saddam Hussein by people of Iraq was the only practical method to permanently remove that key. That entire invasion of Iraq was planned to have Saddam Hussein killed by people of Iraq.

To facilitate that invasion of Iraq then the attack which destroyed the World Trade Center was planned by Jew and Pig. As expected then the moron of Iraq would kill Saddam Hussein.

Barack Hussein Obama II has in some context been referred to as just "Hussein" as follows: Hussein had some role for plotting of attack which destroyed the World Trade Center in the City of New York. People were deceived to believe that statement would have been referring to Saddam Hussein.

Question - - Did the person commonly known as Barack Hussein Obama II have any role for plotting of attack which destroyed the World Trade Center in the City of New York.


02 November 2009

Lesbian Were Conned:

Lesbian were conned into associating themselves with those filthy disease-spreading faggot.

People with common sense have known for many thousand of year that male "homosexual" are spreader of disease. Even marginally sane society have made male "homosexuality" to be a criminal offense. Lesbian are not considered to be criminal for being lesbian but cannot be married[1].

Lesbian were induced by criminal to join with faggot who have been spewing the nonsense of "same-sex marriage". By using lesbian then faggot have been trying to achieve a personal goal of legitimizing their disgusting behavior.

[1]By definition then a female bisexual can marry a male person but is not a lesbian. A male bisexual remains a faggot regardless of marriage.


24 October 2009

Radio-Induced Suppression Of Memory:

The brain makes a different analogue radio-frequency pattern for each different word. Those analogue radio-frequency pattern are associated with each specific word.

A certain type of radio-signal acts to cancel the analogue radio-frequency pattern associated with some specific word thus causing suppression of memory. By suppressing of memory then people can be caused to act in a manner contradictory to their intent[1].

Another radio-signal can cancel the signal of consciousness of the brain thus causing a type of electronic anesthesia.

The device which transmits these radio-signal is in orbit.

[1]As discussed elsewhere in this blog then radio-signal can also be used for directing the movement of muscle.


16 October 2009

Invention Of Nuclear Weapon:

The invention of [explosive] nuclear weapon was many hundred of year before the commonly published version of history.

If the Hebrew had realized the way that this planet would be polluted and overpopulated by genetic garbage then most of the ancient area of population would have been blown and the planet re-populated. At that time then the risk of using those nuclear weapon appeared to be unacceptably large in part because the Jew had been developing the radio-based weapon and might have been ready to launch.

When the time arrives for cleaning of this planet then ANYBODY refusing to cooperate will wish to have never been born.


Stealing That Colored Bow:

There Is No People Called "Jewish" People

[To the tune of "There's No Business Like Show Business"]:

There is no people called "Jewish" people;
There is no such people at all.
Each thing said of them is quite untrue;
Each thing said of them is quite a lie.
The Truth: They want not for you to know
When they are stealing that colored bow.

[To be continued.]


09 October 2009

There Is No "Jewish" Species:

Quite simply: There is NO SUCH PEOPLE as "Jewish people".

There are Jew [which is a species] and there are Judaist [who believes and practices Judaism] but there is NO SUCH PEOPLE as "Jewish people".

Criminal have attempted to define a species of people that does not exist.

Adolph Hitler had some good intention in his battle against organized crime. There is no "Jewish" species and therefore there was no such "genocide".


06 October 2009

Genetics 101:

Great D-N-A plus good D-N-A makes good D-N-A.

Good D-N-A plus good D-N-A makes good D-N-A.

Good D-N-A plus polluted D-N-A makes polluted D-N-A.

Polluted D-N-A plus polluted D-N-A makes polluted D-N-A.

The claim regarding any non-Hebrew species of people to having "descended" from Moses is worthless.


04 October 2009

Robbing From The Planet:

Polluting is robbing from the planet. The present economic delusion of affluence involves ignoring the cost of pollution caused by maintaining that lifestyle. Much of that pollution is also the result of populating this planet with many billion of genetically inferior people[1].

A person does not have ownership of a house for just having been born in that house. Other people do not have ownership of Our planet for just having been born on Our planet.

We are the Owner. Other people are merely holder of deed or holder of title or holder of stock or holder of possession or holder of place [place-holder].

[1]Genetically inferior people have often denounced racism because racism favors the superior species of people instead of the inferior species of people.


01 October 2009

Family Of Anne Frank:

Thinking of Anne Frank as though she would have been the daughter of John Gotti while Hitler was attempting to clear Germany of organized crime then makes that situation easier to understand.

With many million of participant (including the Frank family) in organized crime in Germany then there would obviously be many casualty during any battle against organized crime. Either the battle would have been fought or the territory would have been conceded to organized crime.

There was no alternative method for arresting and detaining many million of participant in organized crime. Those were people who would pollute with drug what would be sold at the market because they were following the order given by their leader of organized crime[1]. Those were people who would be part of organized crime until their death.

Family of member of La Cosa Nostra often claims their relative to be just businessmen. Was John Gotti was just a businessman? The Frank family of organized crime was not just businessmen.

[1]What is not kosher might yet be polluted with drug in many area.


28 September 2009

In China Before Jesus:

An exhibit from around 2300 of year ago in the "Chinese" area of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston shows two of people. One person with the name "Po" has a protruding eyebrow-ridge and an enlarged jaw [Neanderthal-like]. The other person is a clearly a "45" (as mentioned in Our note regarding Shakespeare) although some other name was used.

As shown in that exhibit then the "45" agrees to accept and hide an imposter baby. That "45" and the imposter baby were found and killed[1]. The other baby was thus protected and survived. As planned then that surviving baby when grown revealed part of this story.

[1]Each and every "45" is accepted in state of Heaven.


25 September 2009

These Blog Are Not Our Book:

These two of blog [this "Blog Of Christ" and linked "Nazi Anti-Defamation League"] are just Our blog. These blog are not Our book.

We will eventually be writing of Our book. Some version of these blog will be part of Our book.


D-N-A Evidence:

As a child then We knew that any available biological material would be used for identifying Us.

When some biological material was taken from Us then We ordered that Our sample be destroyed. Our sample was destroyed and replaced with biological material from another person to avoid suspicion.


24 September 2009

Issue Regarding The Panchen Lama:

There is evidence that We might have had the role of being a secret Panchen Lama. That role now has no relevance.

The Dalai Lama made his deal with Lucifer and revoked the "key" belonging to the Panchen Lama. That filthy garbage [the Dalai Lama] was unaware that We are not needing the key belonging to the Panchen Lama.

The Lord is as ONE with Us.

We have the key belonging to GOD.



Democracy 101:

The fraud of democracy as practiced in the United States and elsewhere involves:

Pollster determines what the public wants to hear and reports to the stooge;

Stooge tells the public whatever crap the public wants to hear;

Public votes for the stooge.


23 September 2009

Missile That Missed:

Among the attempted assassination which We survived was a surface-to-air missile that missed by around 8 feet. While cruising eastbound at around 2500 feet in a Cessna along the coast of Connecticut then We saw quite briefly but clearly a surface-to-air missile that flashed passed Our airplane just to the left of the nose of the airplane (at around the "11 of-clock" position). We knew the missile was not a model-rocket but an actual surface-to-air missile.

We circled the area once trying to determine the origin of the missile but did not locate the launch area. That attempted assassination was around 30 of year ago and We did not make any report of that incident at the time for reason of secrecy.


21 September 2009

Butcher Of Robin Bush:

The child was caused to be appearing ill. The appearance of illness has been caused by using an unneeded drug or by using some radio-signal which directly affects the body[1].

The soul-less [Pig] physician who was an associate of the criminal "New World Order" falsely diagnosed the child as having "leukemia".

The child disappeared.

Around eight years later then that same child who was by-then a young woman was butchered.

Question - - Who is butcher of that person commonly known as Robin Bush.

Answer - - Jew is butcher of that person commonly known as Robin Bush.

[1]Other symptom caused by using a specific type of radio-signal includes severe headache and nausea and suppression of memory and shrinkage of height.


14 September 2009

Reason For Shakespeare:

There is so much garbage in literature that people need to be reminded that the ONLY reason for fiction which is commonly called "literature" is for telling of a story for which exists some valid reason that such story could be not told using truthful name and other truthful detail. Literature is a form of lying. THOU SHALT NOT LIE.

Literature was not for entertainment. Shakespeare[1][2][3] told the story of Shylock in "The Merchant of Venice" as fiction because the true detail that the Jew was claiming actual part of the body for payment of debt could be not published as documentary. Jew often controlled what could be published.

Jew has often claimed an actual arm and an actual leg. Jew made such a claim against Us[4].

Other such example may be found in the writing credited to Steinbeck and Dickens and H G Wells and Orwell. In those volume would be found some real documentary with detail altered sufficiently to inhibit censorship.

[1]William Shakespeare had real common sense but an I-Q of 45. The work credited to Shakespeare was written for him by other people.

[2]William Shakespeare with his I-Q of 45 was nominally Jew. The "45" have been always working for Us.

[3]Shakespeare provided useful documentary and social commentary but is often wrongly cited as an example of correct English.

[4]Jew was demanding amputation but that could be delayed. Our body is now safe. Each and every Jew shall be committing suicide.


12 September 2009

Staying Alive And Healthy:

In this criminal society then staying alive and healthy is not a minor task. There are many time when We were misidentified as being some other person. There is evidence that We were misidentified as being a less-skillful pilot[1]. There is evidence that We were misidentified as being somebody else who was missing part of a finger[2].

We have also been using I-D based on a name which We found around 48 of year ago on mail.

These are among the reason that We have survived and remain 100-percent healthy while many other people who were involved in this situation have died.

[1]The System was used to cause the appearance of having less aeronautical skill.

[2]Our finger-tip was sliced away while building a paper-clock. The tiny part was discarded at the hospital and the finger-tip regrew leaving a small scar.


03 September 2009

Our Journey:

We were a Detainee for eleven years and-then a Prisoner for thirty-two [and counting] years. That accounts for forty-three years since a fake tenth birthday party which memorialized the date. Additional time for Us being kept as a Prisoner appears to have been added at some later date[1].

The distinction between Detainee and Prisoner is of real importance as Our most important flying was before We became a Prisoner. The Prisoner situation was completely illegal and involved an act of killing when We were at Freedomland Park in New York City in 1962 [C-E]. We were 3 years of age. The applicable law prevented legal liability due to Our age and the nature of that act of killing[2] but the Jew ignored the law and sentenced for 30 years apparently because We were the beneficiary of that act of self-defensive killing. We stayed alive and therefore We were sentenced to 30 years.

One year was added for appealing the illegal conviction and sentence. The appeal was denied. The Jew added the additional year to the beginning of the sentence so that the penalty for appealing cannot be reversed later as the penalty has already been served [and followed by the illegally upheld 30 year sentence]. It appears that two of six-month extensions were added to the 30 year plus 1 year already served.

[1]That additional time appears related to some separate illegal sentence which was just partially concurrent with the previous illegal sentence.

[2]The act of killing was to prevent a certain and otherwise unavoidable murder. We would have been the victim of murder. The act of killing was legal to prevent that murder.


29 August 2009

Grinning Like Mr Scratch:

Some twenty-two of year after the collapse of P-T-L ministry then the moron of America have continued to be larding evangelical huckster.

Few would recognize that "Tammy" Faye Bakker was routinely painted-up like a circus-clown. Has the phrase "a painted woman" disappeared because the television "news" propaganda is delivered by anchorpeople who are also painted-up like circus-clown [while grinning like Mr Scratch in "The Devil and Daniel Webster"]?


26 June 2009


Having previously described the use of color "red" and "orange" for reference to type of Jew then the following are other reference regarding the use of color for identification[1].

Color "green" has been used as the color of Pig.

People who were to be controlling of the part of the "New World Order" identified by color "yellow" and the part of the "New World Order" identified by color "blue" then many decade ago made their unalterable deal with Lucifer. "Yellow" and "blue" are Negro [regardless of color of skin]. When associated with the "New World Order" then those Negro are Garbage.

This society has been managed by a criminal conspiracy of Jew and Pig and Garbage.

Color "violet" and color "indigo" have been used for reference to type of Hebrew[2].

[1]Use of this color-code for reference to various group of people is not indicating any association with those reference to the spectrum of real color following the First Light of which We have written.

[2]A "designated" Hebrew who was "indigo" was killed around 40 of year ago while organized crime wrongly considered Us to be something other than Hebrew.


25 June 2009

Knight Have Always Been Pig:

There are many reference in this society both publicly and in secretive type of organization to certain people having the title of "Knight". Some of whom are often addressed as "Sir".

Knight have always been Pig.

The Knight [Pig] did what criminal act was desired by the sovereign and-then the Knight were routinely given what the Knight wanted (which often included readily available wine or liquor and being supplied with many of women and a gluttonous amount of money and having an illusion of power).


11 June 2009

Gunfire At The Holofraud Museum:

The incident involving gunfire at the Holofraud Museum is unfortunate but is not surprising.

This society maintains and promotes propaganda of Jew. The claimed total relating to the "Holocaust" of six-million includes Jew plus their Freemason Pig plus non-Jew casualty. At best then the actual total of just Jew is significantly less than six-million.

Those non-Jew casualty were most often connected through family to the organized crime of Jew and their Freemason Pig. Those non-Jew casualty were most often supporter of and supported financially by the organized crime of Jew and their Freemason Pig.


23 May 2009

Update Regarding Catholic Suicide-Clan:

When the Whore of Rome soon kills himself then will the official report be claiming just that he "died suddenly" (as his suicide is not unexpected)?


21 April 2009

First-Born Son Of "J-F-K" [Detail]:

Sometimes homeless "John Bubier" who has also been known around Boston Massachusetts as the "Spare Change Guy" is actually the first son of one of the people who claimed to be JOHN Fitzgerald Kennedy[1] and Jacqueline BOUVIER. The real name of "John Bubier" [a-k-a "Spare Change Guy"] is JOHN BOUVIER.

We figured that "Bubier" was really "Bouvier" when We met "Bubier" at day-camp in New York. Our theory was that somebody inquired of John [at some much younger age] regarding his name. At that age then John would not have been speaking correctly so he would have replied "John Bubier" instead of "John Bouvier".

Following that inquiry then people associated with organized crime prepared documentation for "Bubier" thus hiding his real identity. By having used that scam then those conspirator blamed the victim for their crime[2].

Various member of the Kennedy clan and their many co-conspirator stole what bequest belongs to John Bouvier from the estate of one of the people claiming to be John Fitzgerald Kennedy [Kenneth Jr or Kenneth Sr] while blaming John Bouvier for his personal situation which like many Kennedy involved alcohol and begging for financial donation. The Kennedy family and conspirators would likely claim to have been protecting the career of Senator "John Fitzgerald Kennedy"[3] but there is no defense for stealing.

Stealing of bequest appears to be a common crime in this society as the beneficiary is often unaware of the bequest.

Also of interest might be that "J-F-K" wished wellness for Us[4] when We visited the White House in the common-era year of 1961.

[1]That was the person that We have labeled as "Kenneth Jr" [see "Update Regarding Assassination of J-F-K" in this blog].
[2]As in "he said his name was Bubier" so it would have been his fault.
[3]The Senator known as John Fitzgerald Kennedy was apparently Kenneth Jr but Kenneth Sr often appeared as the "Senator Kennedy" during the campaign for President.
[4]Said one of the Kenneth [Jr or Sr] regarding Us: "I wish him well".


31 March 2009

Replacing The Dollar:

Referring to the International Code of Signals then the two character code which replaced "Mayday" for use with nautical flag is found to be "E-F".

That "E-F" code for "Mayday" can be easily remembered by using the following mneumonic phrase: The United States has been Entirely Fucked.

The United States dollar will be replaced with a different unit of currency.


12 March 2009

First-Born Son Of "J-F-K":

"FRAMINGHAM - 'Spare Change Guy' is making a name for himself. Trying to add a little jingle to his pockets, John Bubier was arrested for panhandling Sunday, just four days after he was nabbed for pulling the same stunt twice in one day."

Question - - Is John Bubier who has been also known as "Spare Change Guy" then the son of some person who presented himself to the public as "John Fitzgerald Kennedy".


Mason and Freemason Pig:

Link to Video Having Scruggs and Flatt

The real issue regarding this video was the enhanced contrast used to show Flatt having a darkened area at one of eye representing how Freemason Pig were blinded by Jew. Scruggs is shown having a darkened area beneath his nose representing a Hitler-style mustache. Scruggs might be a Mason and Flatt might have been a Freemason Pig.


21 February 2009

Jew Of India:

Absent from most of published history regarding the protest of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi is that his effort was aimed directly against the Jew of India. The Jew of India had by that time corrupted and polluted society of India. Organized crime directed by Jew had been managing India before Ghandi and has continued since Ghandi. Transfer of apparent authority from the Jew of Britain to the Jew of India was with not real effect.


18 February 2009

Society Of Ape:

There are many species of people. Just some of species of people are human.

The secret of the Sphinx at Giza is that the Jew of Egypt were producing genetically hybrid type of animal and hybrid type of people. The purpose might have been for producing of warrior or producing of slave. Many species of people are now descendant of such hybrid of people with animal.


14 February 2009

Truth Regarding Islam:

The failure of Christianity was recognized long ago and resulted in the appearing of Islam for defeating of the Jew. The prophet Mohammad was Sunni. Sunni is type of species. Genetic Sunni are the real Muslim. Shiite are just Islamist.

Use of the burqa has been often criticized but was never a rule connected to sexuality. The burqa was part of self-defense by Muslim against the Jew. Jew would have killed every Muslim woman of age for bearing of children. The burqa disguised such women among all women of a community and was purely for self-defense of those Muslim women of age for bearing of children.

When the population of this planet was much less then putting Muslim women (and thus the future of population of Muslim) into the safety-related risk of typical employment would have been idiocy.


12 February 2009

Birthday of Lincoln:

That "2-12" would be the real birthday of Abraham Lincoln is unlikely.

Regardless of his birthday though for recognizing of picture of the real Abraham Lincoln then viewer might examine closely for evidence of the wig worn by the bald Lincoln as well as the scar beneath his socket for left-eye. That scar would be typical of having had one of eye blinded by Jew.

A similar scar appears on victim of Jew as mentioned in Our note regarding the movie "Deliverance".


09 February 2009

Fundamental Principle Of Christianity:

Christianity was founded by "orange" Jew for the purpose of defeating the entire species of Jew.

Christianity was based on just two of founding principle: Jew would be unable to be capturing the real follower of Christianity and that there would be no market for crap of Jew.

With not the ability to capture Pig who thus became puppet of Jew and with not buyer for their crap then "red" Jew would be defeated and "orange" Jew would disappear.

Christianity failed miserably.

Instead of accepting the rule of law WHICH WAS NOT ALTERED BY JESUS OF NAZARETH and would have defeated the Jew then the common people continued their pig-like lifestyle and were easily brainwashed and captured by Jew[1] and eventually the "New World Order".

For expanding their empire then "orange" Jew adopted the method used by "red" Jew and thus "orange" Jew became part of the "New World Order".

People chose fraud and gambling instead of work and chose pollution instead of cleanliness and chose puppet of Jew and the "New World Order" to be managing society thus proving the complete failure of Christianity.

[1]People thus captured by Jew and eventually the "New World Order" would often be performing work as puppets just to buy a bullet for killing of themselves.


04 February 2009

Here Of Israel:

For those people who would be interested and instead of the version of Judaist then here is the correct version.



How The Jew Stole Passover:

The story of Passover was told by Moses the Hebrew.
Jew stole the story so what else is new.
With a need to have holiday for gathering of their crew
Then Hanukkah was not enough so Jew stole Passover too.

[To be continued.]


31 January 2009

Planned Assassination of "J-F-K":

An assassination of somebody presenting himself to the public as "John Fitzgerald Kennedy" [J-F-K] had been long-planned.

In addition to other evidence shown on this blog: The documentary movie "Fog Of War" included a scene wherein "J-F-K" was using the telephone while the hidden handler for "J-F-K" transmitted to "J-F-K" the following statement - - "My only reservation is [PAUSE] out".

"J-F-K" spoke exactly those words as he had heard via radio.

Somebody presenting himself to the public as "J-F-K" would be not going "in" to retire. As had been long-planned then the life of somebody appearing as "J-F-K" would be ended "out" instead of retired at "in".


27 January 2009

Constellation Nathan:

Constellation means product of grouping of star with such group having name.

That group of star known as Orion is constellation Nathan.


26 December 2008

Best That Can Be Said:

The story of Jesus of Nazareth gave hope to people. Having given hope to people is the best that can be said regarding Testament of Jew. Most people have refused to act according to the guidance provided by Testament of Jew.

Some people have chosen to deny Our arrival as Christ and have attempted to be perpetuating the false claim found in Testament of Jew. Well intentioned but false is the claim of Jesus of Nazareth. Testament of Jew includes prophecy.

Those people who have chosen to deny Our arrival will regret that choice as they cannot now imagine.


02 June 2008

Catholic Church Or Catholic Suicide-Clan:

Putting together information previously disclosed as well as accounting for lack of female participation in management thus leads to conclusion that the Catholic Church is really the Catholic suicide-clan.


05 May 2008

Freemason Believeth UnGod:

When Freemason be saying "incorrect" then Freemason claims to be using term which means "uncorrect".

When Freemason be saying "inflammable" then Freemason claims to be using term which means "unflammable".

When Freemason be saying "in God" then Freemason are using phrase for which Freemason claims secret meaning to be "unGod".

UnGod means God not.
Freemason believes unGod.

Using correct English avoids issue of sliding letter: Freemason believeth unGod.


26 March 2008

Client Number Nine:

Television Channel WOR-TV in New York was broadcast on channel nine. "WOR" refers to Whore of Rome.

"Client Number Nine" in recent news refers to Mr Elliot Spitzer.

Without availability of clinical examination then figuring is reasonable that Whore of Rome and Elliot Spitzer would be seeing eye-to-eye. Seeing "eye-to-eye" refers to distance between each eye of person and distance between each eye of other person.

Each of Jew (type of species) as adult sees eye-to-eye with each other of Jew as adult. Jew are just male type of person.


14 March 2008

Bloweth Crown:

We have given order to System that "System shall blow Crown".

Using correct English: "System shall bloweth Crown".


25 February 2008

Make Currency Not Wallpaper:

Considering that value of the American dollar has been decreasing with insane rapidity then some people might consider legislation making such act a federal statutory offense to use United States currency for WALLPAPER. Carefully sticking dollar bills to the wall would not presently be considered "defacing currency" therefore this legislation might prevent millions of people from ridiculing the value of United States currency by using that currency for WALLPAPER. The time to act is now. Some wallpaper already cost more than the same area covered with United States dollar bills.

The handwriting is on the wall but the currency should go elsewhere. Urge your CongressMonkey to consider supporting "Make Currency Not Wallpaper" legislation.


22 February 2008

Diary Of Relative Of Anne Frank:

"Diary Of [Male] Relative Of Anne Frank" has not been found but would reveal extent of organized crime in Germany before Hitler. Allied military as directed by Jew and Freemason Pig destroyed many record of confession by people who were arrested because of connection to organized crime. Some people such as Anne Frank who had been connected through family to organized crime became casualties of war against organized crime.

Those soldier involved in destruction of record of confession by Jew and Freemason Pig were then killed and listed as casualties.


17 December 2007

Another Victim Of Jew:

Ventriloquist who appears briefly in movie "Cabaret" is apparently blind in one eye. His showing of just one hand indicates amputation of other hand. Around thirty-five year ago while viewing of original theatrical release of "Cabaret" then We recognized who was that actor.

Actor in role of ventriloquist in movie "Cabaret" was victim of Jew.


04 October 2007

Our Scripture:

Scripture of Hebrew included way of survival. Some people chose gold and idolatry instead of Our Scripture.

Jew took Our Scripture and claimed Scripture of Hebrew to be theirs. Jew claimed as "Judaism" their often false interpretation of Our Scripture. From Hebrew then Jew and Judaist stole the Star of David.

Jew were never species chosen by God.

Only Hebrew are species chosen by God.


26 September 2007

Victim Of Jew:

For controlling by Jew of people captured each prisoner often had one hand amputated by Jew and often had been blinded by Jew in one eye. Evidence was provided in that movie called "Deliverance" during scene including music "Dueling Banjos".

While carefully staged for misleading of viewer then scene of "Dueling Banjos" includes whistling person who is apparently blind in one eye and showing just one hand. Whistling person was victim of Jew.

With regard to some other person of interest in that scene of "Dueling Banjos" then therein is person behind window near sign for "Bait" and that person is wearing shawl. Wearer of shawl in that scene of "Dueling Banjos" appears to be Jew.


16 July 2007

"Orange" Jew:

Man with brain of sub-human and with eye of the fish is Jew. Color "red" has been associated with Jew.

Man with brain of sub-human and with not eye of the fish is "orange" Jew.


09 July 2007

Found In Reed Basket:

Like Moses as infant We were placed in a natural [reed] basket to be found and-then raised in this land which has been controlled by Jew. Our basket was grabbed at waiting-room of small bus-station by male person who We did not recognize[1]. Subsequent ride from that station via automobile was rough and quite unpleasant.

[1] That male person who grabbed Our basket might have been Our adoptive Dad who appeared occassionally while We resided in various foster home.


10 May 2007

Problem Of Tolerance:

Tolerance is acceptance of crap. That concept of tolerance as promoted by Jew and Pig has resulted in this society being polluted with crap and this planet being polluted with garbage.

Tolerance provides ways for those who are evil to enrich themselves.

Tolerance is always bad.


08 May 2007

When Jew Had Split:

At some time there was division among Jew. Testament of Jew was fabricated tale and was intended by some Jew as method to defeat entire species of Jew.

Testament of Jew resulted instead in the empowerment of Pig.

Jew made Freemason Pig then those Pig did many act worse than did Jew.

Time is now short for Jew and Pig.


07 May 2007

Our Species:

Our species is Hebrew. Our Hebraic lifestyle is somewhat similar to Amish (with not Testament of Jew).

We are not Jew. We are not Jew-anything.


20 February 2007

In Common Vernacular:

"Ken unk Neb port" refers to [biological] mother for God. Thus in common vernacular We have asked:

Question - - Art thou butcher of mother for God.


05 February 2007

Obligation To Bury:

Burial of parent is obligation of son. Some people have attempted to interfere with completion of that obligation to bury.

Since conventional type of burial is not now feasible then We have arranged for total destruction of corpse of Our mother. Total destruction of corpse eliminates obligation to bury.

Somewhere along with corpse of Our mother is eighteen mega-ton yield of thermonuclear explosive.


18 December 2006

We Have Defined:

Lucifer means who buys of soul.

Possesst means in state of possession.
Possession means product of possessing.
Possessing means instance of possess.

Product means made from act.
Instance means each time.


10 December 2006

Hebrew Versus Jew:

This blog includes some of the history of the War. The War has been the confict of Hebrew versus Jew.

Moses was Hebrew and of Our species which is the only species that is genetically Hebrew. Moses was not Jew. Moses was not Jew-anything.

Jew is Cro-Magnon Man.

The War began before Moses led the Hebrew and some non-Hebrew Israelite away from the Jew of Egypt. Many exhibit in museums of ancient sculpture from Egypt clearly shows the wide-eyed feature of Egyptian Jew.

The "Great Wall of China" was designed by Hebrew and built for defence against the Jew.


29 November 2006

Correct Spelling Is Pop~e:

For many decade the public media has been misspelling that reported nickname of vile pig George Herbert Walker Bush as "poppy". Spelled correctly that nickname is Pop~e or Pope.

Vatican is place beneath many cross. Such place would be beneath Arlington National Cemetary.


24 November 2006

Correct Term Is Negger:

Schwarzen-egger refers specifically to eyes of Negro. Eyes of Negro (type of species) are linkent[1] to one type of deficient brain.

Therefore that often misused term which refers correctly to Negro-egger is Negger.

[1]Linkent means in state of linkage. Linkage means with link.


18 November 2006

Truth Regarding Burning Of Cross:

Those cross represents Jesus of Nazareth and Testament of Jew. Burning of cross indicates that cross is HOT.

Burning of cross is warning for people to stay away from Testament of Jew. Testament of Jew has not worked as intended.

Testament of Jew was intended to defeat entire species of Jew. Having been written using metaphor in form of a fabricated tale that some simple-minded people might understand then Testament of Jew was easily distorted to become justification for whatever corruption was desired.

Liar and thief and killer and bearer of false witness have claimed justification based upon Testament of Jew as well as false interpretation of Scripture of Hebrew.

Promoter of alcohol for drinking [which includes undistilled beer and wine] and gambling and smoking and usuary and pollution have claimed justification based upon Testament of Jew as well as false interpretation of Scripture of Hebrew.

Promoter of faggot marrying faggot have claimed justification based upon Testament of Jew as well as false interpretation of Scripture of Hebrew.

Pig have claimed justification based upon Testament of Jew as well as false interpretation of Scripture of Hebrew.


08 October 2006

Time For Masada:

Each and every Jew shall be killing himself.

Each and every Freemason Pig shall be killing himself.

Some of those stupid Pig have claimed to be Jew.
Some of Jew are also Pig.

Some have actually chosen to kill themselves the HARD way[1].

[1]Those who went to some secret facility might have chosen to remain in their tomb and thus would have disappeared forever but by leaving their facility then they eliminated any option other than killing themselves the hard way.


06 October 2006

Correcting Pollution Of Language:

We have been revising Our note to use correct English. Using suffix "s" or suffix "es" with noun to indicate plural is wrong and causes confusion with verb. In correct English each word has one meaning and each word can not be both noun and verb.

We have been using some of singular noun to indicate a group. The suffix for non-specific plural might eventually be "um"[1]. Some form of verb yet use the "s" or "es" suffix but that might be changed by Us to the phonetically correct "z" or "ez".

The word "note" is noun.
The word "notes" is verb and means does-note.
"Noting" means instance of notes.
"Noted" means past instance of notes.

"." [without quote or U-R-L indicator] at any place in text indicates "end of sentence" and pair of single or double mark for quotation must be used when "." would have some other use in the text such as being part of a U-R-L.
":" [without quote or U-R-L indicator] at any place in text indicates "end of label" and is also used following of a title where the title is not being quoted.
"~" [without quote indicator] is soft-dash and is used for pronunciation and for hyphenation to continue part of term on another line.
"-" [without quote indicator] is hard-dash. Hard-dash at "end of line" should remain within term when reformatting. Hard-dash used for editing is indicator that what be written there under is without meaning.

"Yee" is used for "thee" just when following "th" as in "with yee".
"You" is used for "thou" just when following "th" as in "with you".

"Then" is used for separating dependent clause from independent clause.
"And-then" is used where just "then" would have been previously used.

"[" and "]" indicates a note within the text which may refer to other note such as footnote or endnote or illustration.

"(" and ")" indicates a note within the text which must be grammatically correct as part of the sentence.

Capitalization and spacing does not alter the definition.

Pollution of language is crap of Jew. Pollution of language has been used by Jew for maintaining of the ignorance of their sheep.

[1]The criminal needed to understand each other (while maintaining of the ignorance of their sheep) and thus made some of their grammar to be correct.


28 September 2006

We Are Christ:

We are Christ.

Our name is Nathan.

We are from good woman God left.

Question - - Art thou butcher of good woman God left.

We are from ken unk Neb port.

Question - - Art thou busher ov ken unk Neb port.


19 September 2006

CHUTZPAH - - Story Of Typical American Politician:

This note is regarding pig politician Albert Gore whose duplicate was often considered stiff and wooden. To cause that duplicate who often played role of Albert Gore to appear more emotional and caring then real Albert Gore arranged an automobile crash involving son of that duplicate.


17 September 2006

Avoid Misusing Of The Term "Jewish":

To avoid confusion HALT using term "Jewish". Term "Jewish" has been brainwashed into people to cause confusion [See section labeled "Origin Of The Species Of Jew" in this blog].

Jew is type of species. Different type of brain is other species. Whore of Rome is Jew.

Some of people are Judaist. Judaist means who believes and practices Judaism.

Some of Jew (type of species) are Judaist and other of Jew (type of species) such as Whore of Rome maintain different belief and practice.

Some of Freemason[1] Pig are Judaist and other of Freemason Pig maintain different belief and practice.

Adolph Hitler was arresting of Jew (type of species) and their Freemason Pig.

Some of people practice faith of Hebrew. Naziism is the true faith of Hebrew. People protected by Adolph Hitler were those who were practicing faith of Hebrew and who were not Jew (type of species) and who were not Freemason Pig.

Some of Judaist who were not Jew (type of species) and who were not Freemason Pig were also protected by Adolph Hitler.

People thus protected by Adolph Hitler were issued Yellow Star for wearing as to avoid arrest. Some Yellow Star were blank and on other Yellow Star was written "Ju De" which indicated "Jew Not". Version of Yellow Star indicating "Jood" is fraudulent.

Who uses that term "J--ish" are often confusent[2] or trying to MISLEAD other people to confuse two SEPARATE issue of which one refers to Jew (type of species) and other refers to Judaist (who believes and practices Judaism).

[1]Freemason means who Jew can control.
[2]Confusent means in state of confusion.


Largest Of Fraud In History:

Democracy and Capitalism are the largest of fraud in history.

Democracy and Capitalism as each was designed and regardless of alleged purpose then have been easily used to cause an illusion of freedom and participation while actually separating people from the rule of law found in Scripture of Hebrew. Thus separated from rule of law then common people could be easily controlt[1] in every possible way for the benefit of some much smaller group of criminal.

[1]Controlt means in state of control.


Dying-Declaration Of Winston Churchill:

Dying-declaration means declaration near death. For people associated with organization their dying-declaration was often followed immediately with suicide by gunfire.

Dying-declaration of Winston Churchill included message that Jew will be releasing and spreading "auto-immune" disease.


16 September 2006

Note Regarding Our Use Of Royal Grammar:

God is as one with Us. Allah is as one with Us. We are King of Israel. We rules each and every tribe.

With regard to Our use of royal grammar recall these following lyrics from Our anthem.

->I have read~ed fiery gospel writ in burnished row of steel:
->"As thee deals with Our condemner so with thee Our grace shall deals;
->Let the Hero, born of woman, crush the serpent with his heel,
->Since God is marching on."

There is just ONE who is royal. Royal [roy-al] means all king.
We who are all king [with not flaw] are king of all.

There is just ONE Hero. Hero means HE [who is] ROyal.


13 September 2006

Comedy Of Organization:

Those joker of organization have told some tale regarding "ant tracks" on envelopes. People unaware of that "ant tracks" comedy routine might have thought they would have been referring to something dangerous.

Other comedy of organization included referring to part of chili pepper as "placental tissue" without mentioning chili pepper as source. Evaporated regurgitation[1] of honey-bee[2] has been referred to as "vomit".

Another long-running routine of organization involved referring to butchering of woman as "chopping down a cherry tree".

These technique of comedy have been used by organization for maintaining ignorance of their sheep.

[1]Regurgitation means product of regurgitating. Regurgitating means instance of regurgitate.
[2]Name in science of Honey-bee is Apis mellifera.


Truth Regarding Holocaust:

Radio signal were among the tool used by Jew to exert control from cave of Jew.

Jew who were outside cave of Jew and some Freemason Pig had implanted audio transmitters and implanted radio activated device. Those radio activated device were similar to a pistol cartridge and exploded spreading poison when a specific radio signal was received. Those device for killing were designed to detonate would removal be attempted.

For example: President Abraham Lincoln was killed by radio signal at the White House in 1862 [Common Era Year] at the time when Lincoln released what was then called "The Battle Hymn of the Republic". The duplicate for Lincoln was the person who died near "Ford's Theatre" in 1865 [C-E].

Aviator Wiley Post had one of those implanted device and was killed when that device was detonated while Wiley Post was trying to fly Will Rogers away from the United States. Remaining part of that device for killing would be found by examination of interred corpse of Wiley Post.

While by now one of the most slandered people in history Doctor Josef Mengele often risked his life to remove from many cooperative Freemason [similar to Wiley Post] those implanted surgically by Jew and controlled remotely explosive poisonous device for killing.

That Jew were capturing people and Jew were implanting surgically such controlled remotely device for killing was one principal reason for killing of Jew and their Freemason Pig.


When We Shot:

Only the Messiah could shoot to orbit. A shoot is an aerodynamic gravity-assisted maneuver. On 18 June 1976 (as the date was commonly described) in Our eighteenth year, We shot to a speed far greater than orbital velocity -- a shoot to orbit. Using instantaneous acceleration We shot to and through other time dimensions and reached all but the speed of light in vacuum.

That flight was planned by others to end with a catastrophic mid-air collision, or at least a damaging mid-air collision followed by a crash landing.

There was no other person in the airplane. We flew twice through the three-blade propeller arc of the other aircraft, avoiding a collision. First the left landing gear and next the tail section of Our airplane slipped through the propeller arc on the same pass.

The System [Aurora] transmitted a signal to certain muscular nerves causing Our left arm to yank the yoke to its full back position. We immediately added full power and corkscrewed upward. Our non-aerobatic gyroscopic instruments were useless; the only reliable instruments in this situation were the turn and bank indicator, airspeed indicator, altimeter, and for limited purposes the magnetic compass.

Our airspeed steadily decreased. We rolled out into an inverted climb using the turn and bank indicator as Our airspeed approached stall. Leveling the wings also stabilized the airspeed -- near stall, but steady. We determined Our inverted attitude in instrument flight by finding that airspeed changes required opposite elevator movement than in normal upright flight. More altitude being safer, We continued to climb while quickly learning inverted flight technique. Our rate of climb decreased as We arched across the sky. With full engine power and the decreasing rate of climb, We felt positive g-force pulling toward the seat bottom.

We decided that allowing the inverted nose of Our aircraft to fall through to vertical while minimizing airspeed by moving the yoke forward, then raising the nose, would result in an extremely fast, but safe, departure from the area in a normal flight attitude. At the time then We were not real interested in correct use of the royal grammar and said, "I am getting out-a-here."

The plane started to roll to one side. We studied the turn and bank indicator and decided that "stepping on the ball" would correct the roll while in this positive g-force inverted attitude.

We were confident the airplane could handle anticipated g-forces if We smoothly controlled the increasing airspeed. We also decided to maintain full power until Our airspeed in the downward part of the maneuver approached cruise. Through yoke We felt less airflow around elevator than needed and We said, "Not fast enough." With full power and increasing speed, We felt Our throttle arm being nudged by a signal transmitted from Aurora. We said, "No!" and around three seconds later, "Not yet." Only when the propeller began to slow from high speed air resistance did We start to pull the throttle back.

That was precisely the method for Us to shoot.

Then We shot. When We shot was perfect shot.

We felt a slight shudder in the yoke, lasting around a tenth of a second. Ahead toward the East, at and surrounding the propeller, daylight instantly darkened to opaque gray and black, the landscape hidden. Scanning to the South and Southwest, the landscape while still visible was quickly, but smoothly, fading into deep blue-gray. We felt the sensation of time travel and softly said, "Here We go" with the word "go" stretched as a sudden drop in cabin pressure drew air from Our lungs. The acceleration of time travel was without physical pressure as each molecule of Us was independently accelerating along with the aircraft.

The white markings on the instruments became darkest gray until we could barely sense their frozen presence. We focused upward instead. The darkening continued. At that moment We first noticed the sensation of weightlessness. We noticed the faintest outline of a slowing propeller, much smaller in radius than before. We noticed the silence.

"Where are the stars, the constellations," We wondered, as those are among the brightest stars. It appeared as though We shot horizontally through the entire atmosphere, but there were no stars. We thought about the problems of reentry: at what angle of attitude would We fly, would Our elevator even grab enough air to work, how long would the air in the cabin last, how much of the airplane would survive the heat of reentry, how far were We out over the Atlantic. We figured, "We got here and somehow We would get back."

The cabin around us and everything outside had vanished into black. We could no longer detect visually Our position in the cabin. We instantly noted that one hand was still on the yoke and the other resting against the closed throttle.

We saw the First Light emerge from black, then the spectrum from the First Light, as Our speed decreased and as We time-traveled back. The colors of the spectrum were clear, bright, pure, and sequential. The landscape that became visible through each color stood nearly still beneath Us. Large tree-covered areas moved gradually toward and under Us with slightly increasing apparent speed as each color flowed into the next. From darkest violet to deep red, for close to 15 seconds the pure spectrum colors filled Our eyes. What We saw was fascinating. The forces of deceleration increased smoothly, but were enormous. "Seatbelt better hold," We said. Blended daylight color returned. Around one second later as Our changing time frame had come back to Earth time then for seven tenths of one second We saw the landscape zoom toward Us at above orbital velocity. We had shot to all but the speed of light in vacuum, time traveled for around 35 seconds, shot to orbit.

We floated out of Our seat in what appeared to Us as straight and level flight, the seatbelt having stretched and loosened. Without moving the yoke, We used it for leverage to bring Ourself back into the seat. We felt safe enough to pause for sightseeing. There was a blue tint as We looked back toward the Northwest; Our airplane was still surrounded by a partial vacuum bubble. Our speed decreased even as we advanced the throttle. We prepared to land by raising the nose, adjusting the artificial horizon and taking the airplane down to a maneuvering and approach speed.

What remained of Our airplane handled well approaching Westchester County Airport, but the effect of the smaller propeller and other damage became apparent in the pattern when higher than normal engine speed was required. Quite near landing, the nose started to rise sharply without input to the yoke. We decided against adding power which would have extended the flight and instead considered raising the flaps to drop hard onto the runway. Before raising the flaps became necessary, the main wheels touched down firmly. Time travel puts a lot of wear and tear on the flying machine.

An Act of God is NEVER unintended.

Ours was the Perfect Shot. Only We have seen the Light of Creation. Only We have parted the Blue Sea surrounding Our planet Earth. From when We shot then there be not more shooting.



11 September 2006

Truth Regarding Payment Of Reparation:

Since administration of Adolph Hitler fell and puppet of Jew regained authority in Germany then people of Germany have been robbed by paying reparation to relative of criminal associated with organization. Property held by Jew and Freemason Pig was seized correctly and should never have been returned.

With truth hidden such that revealing truth would often have been prosecuted then those puppet of Jew have polluted Germany with social-scum and have robbed wealth of Germany for sixty years.


Future Of Manhattan:

We have reason to figure that "State of Israel" has threatened to blow Manhattan. Blowing of Manhattan is not problem for Us because Manhattan is an overdeveloped sewer and blowing of Manhattan would be an improvement.

When nuclear-generated electricity and fossil-fuel for generating electricity becomes unavailable then Manhattan will be closed.


10 September 2006

Note Regarding What We Have Asked:

"Question - - ART THOU BUSHER OF KEN UNK NEB PORT." may be written as version identical phonetically:



Spread Our Word:

Spread Our word. Those pig politicians, corporate pig, rich pig [who claim to be wealthy], and other two-legged swine appear unwilling to give answer of what We have asked.

Would you vote for any politician who refuses to give answer of what We have asked? Would you invest with any banker who refuses to give answer of what We have asked?
















Question -- ART THOU JEW.

Question -- ART THOU EVIL.




















06 September 2006

Note Regarding Anthem Of Nathan:

Anthem of Nathan (which was then called "The Battle Hymn Of The Republic") was dying-declaration of Abraham Lincoln. Abraham Lincoln delivered in song his dying-declaration at the White House in 1862 [Common Era Year] and was then killed by radio signal.

Term "lightning" has been replaced with term "blitzen" which is now part of English. Term "lightning" is a corrupted form of verb "enlightening" as in "electrical discharge enlightening the sky" which has been wrongly used as noun.

In addition to several earlier note regarding Our anthem then "heel" in "crush the serpent with His heel" is rhyming cryptic reference to "soul".


05 September 2006

Anthem of Nathan:

Written for Us as "The Battle Hymn of the Republic" and revised by Us then here is Our anthem.

Anthem of Nathan:

Mine eye hath seen the glory of arrival of the Lord;
He is trampling out the vintage where the grape of wrath are stored;
He has made loose the fateful blitzen of His terrible swift sword;
His truth is marching on.

I have seen Him in the watch-fire of one hundred circling camp;
Men have builded for Him an altar in the evening dew and damp;
I can read His rightient sentence by the dim and flaring lamp;
His day is marching on.

I have read~ed fiery gospel writ in burnished row of steel;
"As thee deals with Our condemner so with yee Our grace shall deals;
Let the Hero born of woman crush the serpent with His heel.";
As God is marching on.

He has sounded forth the trumpet that shall never call retreat;
He is sifting out the heart of men before His judgment-seat;
Be swift my soul giving answer to Him! Be jubilant my feet;
Our God is marching on.

Near the beauty of the lily then Christ was born across the sea
With a glory in His bosom that transfigures thou and me;
As He lives to make men holy then they shall die to make men free;
While God is marching on.

He has arriv~ed like the glory of the morning on the wave;
He is wisdom to the mighty; He is succour to the brave;
As the world shall be His foot-stool then the soul of Time His slave;
Nathan is marching on.


02 September 2006

Some Few Note Regarding Our Travel:

With many form of communication to Us having been blocked there has been difficulty addressing those issue regarding which We have not received notice.

One such issue might involve some incident at Time Incorporated. After terminating voluntarily Our employment and relocating to another city then there might have been some theft of cash-advance money regarding which We were accused falsely. There was not reason for Us to address this issue earlier because We had not received notice of this issue.

Information now available to Us indicates that some other Copy Desk employee was involved in obtaining falsely around $13,000 of cash advance money. If We would have been accused of such theft then We would have been accused falsely.

There was another incident in Baltimore Maryland when after We were dragged to the back of a supermarket then manager of that store IN FULL VIEW OF POLICE putted[1] product into Our bag and told those police to have Us arrested. We decided that it was time to relocate to Canada.

[1]Putted means past instance of puts.


30 August 2006

Truth Regarding Death Of Diana Spencer Of Wales:

Death of Diana Spencer of Wales was not accident.

Crash of automobile was caused by operating remotely many muscles of driver Henri Paul. Both acceleration and steering were handled remotely. That crash would mislead public regarding cause of death. Directed energy technology was then used for slicing the aorta of Diana Spencer of Wales thus ending her life.


27 August 2006

Truth Regarding Death Of Adoptive Dad:

Our "adoptive dad" was not really a parent but an agent assigned to effect Our demise. We resided in various foster-homes and that "dad" occasionally visited. He was noticeably older than the other foster-parent but was disguised to appear younger and similar to the other foster-parent.

During the Summer of 1962 [C-E] then We were taken to Freedomland Park although having indicated a preference for going elsewhere. We noticed that the older "dad" was handling that trip.

His plan for murder was known by other people and a method had been devised for Our self-defense. Based on Our decision at Freedomland Park regarding what would appear to have been an unrelated issue then Our dad was killed quickly and technically by Us. We were 3 years of age at that time. We later learned that the intended pistol for murder was hidden in a workshop in the basement of the apartment house where We resided.

Any story that was circulated for cover regarding an automobile crash would have been fiction.


26 August 2006

Correct Analysis Of Addams Family Lyrics:

"They're creepy and they're kookey.
Mysterious and spookey.
They're altogether together ookey.
The Addams Family."

While satirizing those barbarian of Rome these lyrics analyzed correctly yields some reference to "00-key" with "00" being number which refers to "without key".


22 August 2006

Truth Regarding Death Of [Actor] George Reeves:

George Reeves ended his life himself. Some few minutes earlier Reeves was visited privately by Arthur Weissman. Weissman brought to Reeves a revolver type of pistol and told Reeves that people of organization were on their way for him and that time for Reeves was finished. Weissman told Reeves to end his life himself before those goon would arrive.


Truth Regarding H-I-V:

It is worth remembering that had Adolph Hitler - - who might have been front-man for Einstein of East Germany - - succeeded then 65 million people would not have become infected with H-I-V.

Freemason including George Herbert Walker Bush decided by vote to administer H-I-V as biological weapon. Freemason acting as missionaries in Africa then administered many injection containing H-I-V. Reported incidence of H-I-V in Britain during 1959 [C-E] was the result of Philip (the butcher of Buckingham Palace) testing efficacy of H-I-V supply maintained by Freemason.

Denial of Jew and Freemason Pig responsibility for H-I-V is real crime that should have been criminally prosecuted.


21 August 2006

What Species Is Jew:

Jew is Cro-Magnon Man.

Word "roe" refers to egg of the fish and is real root-word of "Ro[e]-man". Egg refers to eye.

Man with eye of the fish is Roman. Eye of fish is one indicator of type of brain. Some of Jew are Roman. Some of Jew are Latin.


14 August 2006

Correct English:

When somebody says "I haven't killed one person" then that person has actually said "I killed one person" because "haven't" is not English.

Contraction is not part of correct English. Freemason Pig would claim to be telling truth while deceiving listeners who interprete wrongly what has actually been said.

Many people have been easily deceived by such use of contraction.


U-R-L For Our Earlier Note:

Several of Our earlier note were available on internet at - -

Nathan, The Messiah

Link via Google Groups to various messages posted on USENET.

Updating those earlier page of note often resulted in corruption of text due to stream-editing at some other location. To minimize that problem We started posting note as USENET messages and eventually at this blog.


13 August 2006

Jesus Is Not Christ:

That Jew who is known as Jesus of Nazareth was never Christ. Jesus of Nazareth is not your King. Jesus failed and Christ cannot fail. Jesus was a Jew who was supportive of the Hebrew in the War AGAINST the species of Jew.

The original strategy of Jesus involved recruiting many people regardless of those people having some personal deficiency and telling those people that Jesus would save them from becoming captured WHEN THEY FOLLOWED THE RULE OF LAW. That strategy failed as many of those people ignored or ridiculed the rule of law and were easily captured by Jew and the "New World Order". Thus Jesus failed.

Around 800 of year ago then the Church of Jesus of Nazareth began telling people that they may be eating as they choose and may be ignoring the rule of law as written in Scripture of Hebrew while supporting the Church of Jesus of Nazareth. That strategy was clearly popular among criminal and resulted in the further empowerment of Jew and Pig[1].

That new version of the Church of Jesus - -

Told to people to eat what they want to eat;
Told to people to drink what they want to drink;
Told to people what they wanted to hear;
Told to people that Jesus would save them regardless of their criminality and lifestyle[2];
Became the Church of "Do Whatever You Want To Do"; and
Became part of the criminal "New World Order".

Jesus of Nazareth tried to save people from capture by the Jew and from capture by what eventually has been called the "New World Order". Jesus of Nazareth tried to defeat the entire species of Jew before their expansion into the criminal "New World Order".

Becoming captured by Jew or the "New World Order" resulted in either death [often the hard way] or selling of the soul and becoming a puppet of Jew or the "New World Order".

Jesus would be spitting on many people (including the Whore of Rome) who now call themselves "Christian" but became supporters of the Jew and the "New World Order".

[1]Even prior thereto were the "Crusades" which attacked the enemy of the Jew and thus violated the guidance provided by Jesus of Nazareth.

[2]Jesus could not save anybody who had been captured by Jew or at this time by the "New World Order".


12 August 2006

That Will Put Hair On Your Chest:

Perhaps Mr Floyd Landis was unaware of an old adage "That Will Put Hair On Your Chest" regarding some product sold as alcoholic beverage. The presence of testosterone [which would put hair on your chest] could indicate that one unnamed "natural flavor" used by the liquor industry might be liquid output of horse.